Due to increase number of Notaries calling and asking if we can help them learn one-on-one bases on Loan Documents and how to do it confidently, we implemented 4 hour one-on-one consulting, where you will learn how to correctly conduct the loan signing process, how to focus to pay attention to details in order to have a smooth signing, You will learn the key sections of the documents, and what exactly must be done to avoid mistakes. Each loan document has it’s important areas, and as a loan signing agent you must be confident to guide the proceed correctly with the borrower. Title and Escrow companies depend on you, to finalize and move forward with closing of the loan.

We have been in the business for 11 years completed over 12,000 loan signings and have the experience and the knowledge with all types of loans that are out there.

Loan Documents Consultation Fees

One-on-one consulting 4-hours - Fee is $600 (Covering different type of Loan Packages)

One-on-one consulting on Specific questions for one loan document or any general questions pertaining one loan document - Fee is $250 (30-50 minutes)

This service is not related to Notary Public and the consulting is base on experience and knowledge gained over 11 years being in the service.

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Being Mobile Notary we are not at the address all the time. Please call to schedule your appointment.

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