What To Expect From Mobile Notary

When you call on Mobile Notary, we’ll need a little information about what you’re notarizing so we know what rules will govern the documents . From that point, we can bring our seal and supplies to your home, business, or wherever you are—even an agreed-upon curbside area.

Notary public in California needs to see valid picture ID issued by government. i.e. Driver's License, State ID, Passport are valid documents.

To get us out to where you are or to arrange our notary services in advance, call +1 (818) 625-2037 or reach out to us online.

Get a Notary in the Burbank, CA, LA Area

We’ve all been there—you’re all set to get your important documents turned in and get that big item of business checked off your to-do list, only to find that your documents must be signed and notarized. Now you have to muster up the energy to drive all over town and hope your local bank has a notary on staff. All of this can be tiring and frustrating.

Wouldn’t you rather have a notary come to you? Mobile Notary offers notary services that do just that for Burbank, CA, area residents. We will meet you where you are and notarize your documents properly, so you can get your documents filed promptly & properly and get on with your life.


A Mobile Notary To Rely On

Since 2013, Mobile Notary has made it easy for anyone in the Burbank area to get necessary legal documents properly notarized in a convenient manner. Through grit, insight, and determination, we saw the need that Californians have for convenient notary services that don’t require endless back-and-forth slogging through traffic.

At Mobile Notary, we are dedicated to making the process of getting your essential documents notarized a pleasant one. We have the skills and expertise to help you correctly complete important business, and we are passionate about ensuring that we constantly comply with both California and federal guidelines.